The Aging Boomers - Frank Samson

What is your life expectancy?

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Jay Olshanksy on the subject of life expectancy and the ‘Silver Tsunami.’ The author... Continue

When mom or dad can’t live at home anymore

Because of a shift in long-term care living, companies of all types and sizes are trying to capture a segment of this growing population.... Continue

Have the talk now, avoid conflict later

As people age, there is a strong chance that some kind of long-term care will be needed.  The reality is, according to the Department... Continue

Understanding long term care insurance

So, this is the year you were going to look into long-term care insurance.  You thought about before, but insurance was the last thing... Continue

Cost of in-home care on the rise

There are laws that have recently passed in California that will have a major impact on the cost of in-home care in the coming years. ... Continue

Take notice during the holidays

With the holidays approaching, many have made plans or are making plans to visit with their parents and loved ones.  Some family members... Continue

Live longer by socializing

Of course, you want to live at home the rest of your life. Matter of fact, you are in the majority, because most surveys conclude that... Continue

New businesses form as Boomers age

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 years of age each day, there is an explosion of new businesses and concepts to meet the growing... Continue

Adults providing unpaid care on the rise

The trend continues, but even at a faster rate than many believed. A newly released Pew Internet Health Tracking Survey has found that... Continue

Be careful what you promise

As more and more baby boomers begin to reach retirement age, discussion is taking place about the aging process.  One topic among... Continue